Lori Frongetta

Lori Frongetta
Telephone:  293-3880 Ext 126
Fax:  293-1917
E-Mail: assessor@townofriga.org

Assessor’s Hours:

Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Assessor’s Responsibility:

To produce a fair and equitable assessment roll each year for the Town of Riga and the Village of Churchville by maintaining accurate records of real property ownership and physical characteristics; by carefully analyzing the local real estate market to determine equitable assessments that fairly distribute the total tax burden among all property owners based on the market value of their property; and by correctly determining eligibility for real property tax exemptions. The overriding goal is for no one to pay more or less than his or her fair share of the overall tax levy.

March 1st – Taxable Status Date
May 1st – Tentative Roll Filed
4th Tuesday in May – Grievance Day
July 1st – Final Roll Filed

STAR Registration

Visit: STAR Registration Link

Taxpayers Call:  1-518-457-2036

Tax credits and the NYS Registration of existing Basic STAR exemption are not administered locally. You must contact New York State Department of Taxation & Finance at the above listed numbers with any questions pertaining
to checks, tax credits, and the registration process – or visit the listed webpages for more information.

NOTE: First-time applicants, for any exemption, other than Basic Star or the annual renewal of an existing exemption, must submit the applicable paper form and supporting documentation to your local assessor by taxable status date (March 1st).

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