As part of the Host Community Agreements, a Citizen’s Advisory Board (CAB) has been established for the purpose of providing a formal liaison between the local community and the County regarding the design construction and operation of the landfill which includes:

Dissemination of information regarding the Landfill’s design, construction and operation, oversight, and community forum for making suggestions to the County.


Township Representation and current active members

Ken Kuter (Property Protection)
Barbara Robinson
Tim Rowe
Cynthia Jessop (Budget)

Daniel VanValkenburg

Virginia B. Adams

Mike Brown

Executive Peg Steffan (Chair)
Steve Brew
Michael J. Garland, P.E.
Eric Grimm
Mark McAnany, P.E. (Environmental Monitoring & Safety)
Gerard Mitrano, Esq. (Community Relations)

The CAB consists of thirteen (13) members:

The CAB meets regularly on the third Tuesday of January, April, July and October at 6:00 p.m. in the Mill Seat Landfill Administration Building.  In addition to CAB members, other attendees at the meetings include County solid waste support staff, Waste Management operations staff, technical consultants and neighbors.  The public is always welcome and encouraged to attend to receive the most current information.

Inquiries and/or questions about the CAB may be directed to:

Peg Steffan

adminCitizen Advisory Board