Cobblestone Hall


The Raymond C. Adams Cobblestone Hall
located at 22 W. Buffalo St – Village of Churchville
is available for daily rentals.

Please NOTE there will be changes that go into effect  for 2015 rentals. Reservations will NOW be ongoing. Town of Riga residents may reserve 1 (one) year in advance; non-residents may reserve 6 (six) months in advance. (For example if a resident submits an application in June of 2015 for a rental in June of 2016, it will be accepted if the date is available.)

Rental Fees are as follows:

Residents: $125.00 per day with a matching $125.00 deposit
Non-residents: $175.00 per day with a matching $175.00 deposit





  • The kitchen has a warming oven, a refrigerator/freezer and microwave.
  • The Hall is heated and has a stage.
  • Maximum Occupancy for the building is 121
  • Chairs and tables are provided, (8) – 8-foot tables, (1) – 6-foot table and 75 chairs.
  • Tables and chairs need to be returned to their carriers after use.

* Frequently Asked Lodge Questions *

Q.     How do I reserve a lodge?
A.     Payment and Lodge Reservation Form must be received via mail or in-person to rent a lodge. Dates cannot be reserved until payment and/or forms come in. Payment accepted includes check, cash or money order and credit card.

Q.     Can I enter facilities the day before to decorate?
A.     No, you can only enter facilities on the dates and time you requested on your permit. Entering the lodge at a time other than the date/time on your permit, will result in an additional rental charge and the loss of security deposit.

Q.     When and where do I pick up the key to the lodge?
A.     Key pickup is the day before your rental or Friday if your rental is on a Sunday by 4:00 pm at the Town Clerk’s window at the Town Hall, 6460 Buffalo Road. Your refundable security deposit is due at the time of key pickup in check or cash form.

Q.     Where do I leave the Key?
A.     All keys must be returned to the Town Clerk by Tuesday at 4:00 pm following your rental date. There is a drop box located at the doors to the Town Hall where a key may be dropped. Security Deposit will be returned pending the policies have been followed; facility, and grounds are found to be I satisfactory condition, and if key has been returned.

Q.     Is alcohol allowed in the park? Is there a separate fee?
A.     Alcohol is allowed in all facilities, as long as the alcohol permit is filled out in application. No additional fee. (PLEASE NOTE: Glass containers are NOT allowed in the park)

Q.     How far in advance can I reserve a lodge?
A.     Starting for 2015 rentals, reservations are ongoing. Town of Riga residence may reserve 1 (one) year in advance; non-residence may reserve 6 (six) months in advance.

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